Cat Lady

UX Specialist & Web Accessibility Evangelist

I'm a cat lady from Cape Town, who lives (almost exclusively) for UX and wine.
Since I can remember, I've been curious about how people interact with the world around them - with other people, nature, science and technology. This healthy curiosity in human behavioural patterns led me to UX.

Throughout my career I’ve explored many facets of the digital world. Marketing, Education, Design and Development but my love affair with UX started when I discovered that I wasn’t satisfied with focusing on only one of these disciplines. I wanted more! I wanted to understand why people make certain decisions when using a digital product. With both my creative & technical background I realised I’m capable to formulate better solutions for digital products due to a wider understanding of product development.

I enjoy taking a concept and fleshing it out with the User-Centered Design (UCD) Process, from research, concept, design, development and testing to ensure the end result is not just a beautiful product but also a functional one that’s loved by real people.

UX stuff I do

UX Design

UX research, UX strategy, Wireframing & Prototyping, Value proposition, Usability Heuristic Analysis, Information Architecture, Sitemap, User journeys, Task flows, User testing, Focus groups, Service Design.

Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility workshops for Product Managers, Designers and Developers. Accessibility analysis of websites & mobile apps.

UI Design

Concept design, User Interface Design, UI elements, UI interactions, Material Design Guidelines, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, Mobile UI Design, Product Design, Style guide, Corporate Identity.

Some projects I worked on

The scope of projects I’ve worked on in the past, range from basic graphic & web design to integrating complex e-commerce platforms into a single platform. I’ve been involved in all aspects of the Product Development Cycle, from concept, research, strategy, wireframing & prototyping, user journeys, information architecture, UI design, Front-end implementation & testing. These are just a handful of projects I’ve worked on.

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My Passion Projects

We all have certain topics close to our heart, those projects we wish we had more time to spend on. I’ve made an active decision not to neglect my passion projects. Personally, I feel community is a very important, and often overlooked aspect of any industry. We need each other, not just to learn from but also to support each other when times get tough. Besides my non UX-related volunteering at the Two Oceans Aquarium and the WWF, I’m involved in the following projects.

Web Accessbility Evangelist

It’s a common misperception that making a product accessible for all is too resource-intensive and expensive to implement. It’s never “worth the effort” from a business point of view. Making a product accessible is a lot easier than it seems. I preach just that! I facilitate Web Accessibility workshops for Product teams, Designers & Developers, as well as do talks at UX conferences and meetups.

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UX for the Web (Packt Publishing)

I’m honoured to have co-authored my fist UX publication in 2017 with the lovely Cara Winterbottom, also a UX Consultant. This book covers core UX principles and practical methods for creating websites that are not only beautiful, but easy to use and fully accessible. Understanding the core principles of UX will enable a true understanding of the user, their behaviour and needs, as well as how to effectively satisfy these needs.

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UX Cape Town Meetup Logo

The focus of UX Cape Town is to bring the UX community together to discuss everyday UX challenges and share knowledge. We disregard buzzwords and instead educate on building digital products that’s not just beautiful but also accessible to all users.

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UX Book Club CPT Meetup Logo

At UX Book Club CPT we would like to bring the UX community in Cape Town together by discussing interesting books (not always UX related!) to promote personal and career growth. Hopefully our discussions will be thought provoking and encourage diverse perspectives to the way we approach challenges we face on a daily basis in the industry.

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Get in touch

I’m currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, but am available for any contracting / consulting opportunities related to Product Development, UX Design, UI Design or Web Accessibility. Please feel free to contact me, Marli Ritter, to discuss you project needs!

People I worked with

  • Marli takes enormous pride in her work and pays great attention to every little detail. Although she works under extreme pressure she is never too busy to help other colleagues out. Marli copes well with stress and is able to meet urgent deadlines. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any company looking to employ her.
    - Colette Hinton, Comair Limited.

  • Marli is a creative and knowledgable individual in her field. She strives for excellence in every delivery and is dedicated to her work. A valuable asset to have and a delightful person to work with!
    - Jagriti Parsotam, Independent Institute of Education.

  • Marli is great with web design and I do not now what I would have done without her.
    - Isabel le Roux, South African Artist.

  • Marli is very professional in her dealings. She always met tight deadlines and was very helpful in creating unique and appealing creative. She is a great lady to work with and always brings 110% to the table.
    - Cheryl Barnett, Comair Limited.

  • Marli is a friendly and professional individual with a great passion for design. She is efficient and always delivers work of the highest standard.
    - Anchen Haupt, Comair Limited.